Thursday, October 6, 2022

Further intercooler adventures

Once I realized that my old Y-pipe did not fit the new intercooler, I ordered one that would fit - with performance-enhancing red silicone connecting hoses, naturally. With the new Y-pipe installed, bolting up the intercooler was pretty simple.
Here's a look at the underside of it, where the Y-pipe outlets connect to the inlets of the intercooler. Unfortunately, very shortly after I took this picture, I realized that the crosspiece that reinforces the rear suspension conflicted. Some swearing ensued, and then I got to modifying the intercooler mounting brackets.

This all flows from the previous decision to lower the tail end of the transmission, which tips the whole drivetrain down and aft.
With the freshly modified brackets, the intercooler is tipped up at the rear. The crosspiece does fit now, but it's a good thing I already had plans to modify the body panel here, because there's going to have to be a large hole cut in it to make room.
But here it is, all bolted up and after the swearing died down.
I also managed to finish and paint the emergency brake handle. This is the handle out of the donor car, with extensive modifications and added bracketry to fit the Wilwood brake cables I'll be using.

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