Sunday, September 25, 2022

Well, crud.

Well, not the grubby old intercooler, but the shiny new one! 

I finished routing PCV out from under the intercooler area today, so I mocked up the new one. But it turns out I was incorrect - it's not quite a bolt-up replacement for the old one. I knew it was larger, but I assumed that it would mount up to all the same locations. It does connect to the turbo outlet, throttle bode, and blow-off valve just fine...

But the Y-pipe is too short to reach the charge inlets on the bottom of the cooler. It turns out, after measuring, that the shiny new intercooler is wider front to back than the old one was, so I need to order the Y-pipe from an STI car.

Time to go find something else to accomplish on the car for now, I guess.

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