Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Turbo is in!

After a shamefully long hiatus from posting, I finally have good progress to share. This past weekend, I finished installing the headers - passenger side shown here - crosspipe, and up-pipe. They are all wrapped and bolted up and torqued. I guess they could possible come off again, but I hope we don't go there.
Here's where the turbo needs to go. That's the up-pipe at the bottom of the frame, and the air inlet hose at center. The braided hose extending out the top of the frame is the oil supply line.

The donor car had a turbo, of course, but I was a bit concerned about some shaft play in it - it has more than a hundred thousand miles on it, of course, and every sign of having been used hard. So I upgraded. It's not a big upgrade, but it should definitely provide a bit more air for the engine. Coupled with increased fueling from upgraded injectors, and a good tune, I'd like to see maybe 300 horsepower - stock was 227.

Here's the new turbo all bolted up.

The basic idea is that the exhaust spins the compressor side, and the impeller side pushed compressed air out that shiny tube at left into an intercooler and then into the intake. Add fuel and spark, and zoom!

Not shown here, but I also made some progress on the shift linkages and the emergency brake cables in the cockpit.

I think the intercooler may be next - I need to research how all that goes together.

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