Friday, March 25, 2022

Wire Diet II - Diet Harder

If you remember my previous posts about wire diet, that was just the harness for the top of the engine - this is the diet for the main part of the car. There's a lot more to it, and of course not all of it is labeled, so there's a lot to get through. This lump of wire weighs maybe 30 pounds at a guess.
The first key is to go through and identify things - and if they are not needed for the kit, to go through, wire by wire, and remove them. This module, for example, had unknown function until I googled the part number and found out that it's the cruise control computer. No cruise control in the kit, so the box got removed and all the individual wires run back and cut out.
All of these are airbag wires, which connected to the airbag computer in the dash of the donor. This system is mostly discrete from the main harness, so it was easier to pull out these cables as assemblies rather than wire by wire.

I pulled out a good chunk in my first pass, but there's still a lot to do. And I also will need to identify all the wires from this harness where they connect to the engine harness, because there will be a bunch of wires I can remove there to match things I cut out of the engine harness already. Then the fun of splicing it all together can begin. Or just building my own, I haven't really decided yet.

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