Wednesday, March 9, 2022

A collection of smaller tasks

I took care of a few smaller tasks this weekend - little things that were not super critical, but definitely needed to be done.

First up, I bolted in this support for the back of the driver's seat. The seat bottom will bolt to brackets on the floor; this supports and constrains the upright back section. I need to take it back out again, of course, because I need to paint the steel angle it's bolted to.

I also finished installing the brake discs and calipers. Big ol' vented rotors, front and rear, and Cadillac Brembos to provide squeeze.
In the rear, same setup, except for the addition of a Wilwood e-brake.

The donor car, like most passenger cars, had more braking up front. The kit, being rear-engined, needs more balanced brakes, so the big discs and 4-pot calipers on all four corners will help, particularly since the brakes are unboosted. There will be a proportioning valve in the hydraulic system to tune the balance if needed.

And the shift cables showed up today, so I had to get them installed. They go from the tail end of the transmission up to the shift lever - past and around the engine. I need to fab up a mount for the clamps on the tunnel, but that shouldn't be hard.

I'm thinking axles and rear suspension might be next.

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