Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Back from holiday hiatus

After a break for other hobby projects related to the holiday season, I'm back on the car. I finished  stripping down the wiring harness for the intake manifold, and then started organizing it again into a coherent harness, ready to plug into things.

This pile of loose junk...

... got turned into a more attractive and tidier bundle, tied up with wire loom and zip ties.

Most of the wiring was actually useful, and while I did strip out a few connectors and a few yards of wire, the big benefit is really that I moved one big connector from the right side to the left, so it will all go into the cabin through one hole in the firewall.

After the wire diet for the intake harness was complete, I started on mocking up the exhaust system. This is a look at the passenger side cylinder head. You can see the exhaust header at lower right, bolted up to the actual exhaust ports, then the up-pipe wrapping behind the head, leading to the turbo at upper left. None of that is locked down yet - I have header wrap on order, so I will need to take it all apart to apply it to all the pieces.

And I am very tempted to upgrade the turbo and intercooler while I am at this stage, too. 

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