Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Welding practice

Having cut out the transmission mount plate, the basic idea is that it will get welded back in with about a 3" drop at the back. Based on a bunch of calculations done by people who have done this before me, a 3" drop should tip the tail end of the transmission down about five or six degrees, which should go a long way to keeping the gears oiled.

Here's the drop tab I am planning to use at the aft end - it's a 4" square of 3/16" steel.

I want the welding to go well, so I need to practice. Here's another 4" plate, clamped to a short piece of tubing, as a stand in for the frame. I need to master (in increasing difficulty) the weld along the top, the two vertical edges, and the overhead weld underneath.
This 1" weld is probably my best weld of the day. I still have a lot of practicing to do, and I need to slow down and stop rushing.

But hey, it's still fun melting metal together.

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