Sunday, February 7, 2021

More rear suspension - brackets and links

I'm to a point now with the seat mount that I can't do much until the harnesses show up - then I will get to mounting tabs for the hip and anti-submarine belts, and finalizing the position of the seat. Instead, I got some work done today on the rear suspension. 

First, I bolted up some brackets to the  rear knuckles. These will allow the attachment of the coilovers and some control links.

Here are the control links being assembled on the bench. They have end links threaded into the tubes. Half of them are left-hand thread, so they will be adjustable when mounted in the car, to tune the rear alignment.

They have recommended initial lengths, measured from center to center, so I needed a way to measure that well.

A little 3D printing gave me these doodads. They fit in the end links and let me get a measuring tape on the centers of the holes.
Then, just by twisting the center tube one way or the other, I could tune the length of the assembly. Once I had it to length, I spun the jam nuts down and snugged them up to prevent any slippage.

I have new lateral links to put in as well, and then I should be able to get the rear knuckles on the car.

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