Sunday, December 13, 2020

Driver's seat is getting closer

More progress on the driver's seat today. It's a little unnerving drilling holes in a seat you paid good money for, but it just has to be done to get these into the car - and it's what these are designed for.

Through some experimentation, I've chosen a height and an angle for the mounting of the seat, so I got the brackets mounted to the seat shell itself.
Then I got the bracket bolted up to a piece of steel. This will get bolted in turn to the frame of the car. I still have some massaging to do to get the location fine-tuned, so I have deliberately cut the steel longer than needed. I've also left stock on the aft end, as I need to weld on a tab for the harness.
This is how it all goes together. The steel will get trimmed, shaped, and painted before it all goes in the car in its final position.

I used hardware-store bolts for today's work, but I have good bolts on order for the actual assembly. 

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