Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Rear firewall work

Well, I got the first piece of the aft firewall tweaked a little bit and aligned up today for fitting. The little green dealies you can see there are spacers to help me get the top edge of the panel centered on that horizontal tube. I did have to do a little trimming to get it to fit nicely, but it all looked nice.

 Then I realized that my homemade rivet fan is good for ten rivets on 3" centers, more or less - but the aluminum was more than forty-two inches wide.

So I have designed a new and improved (and larger) rivet fan. I planned it for fifteen rivets on 3" centers, which should be plenty. I think I will probably also print enough extra pieces to make a new and improved ten by 3" fan, because the fifteen-hole fan is likely to be unwieldy on all but the largest pieces.

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