Sunday, October 18, 2020

A good afternoon in the shop

Back to the shop for an afternoon round!

Here's the next piece of aluminum for the interior, marked and drilled. This took a bit of care, because there are some places where frame members get in the way, and I wouldn't be able to get a drill or a rivet gun in there. You can see a few places I have colored out to remind me not to mark for holes there.

Then here it is all Clecoed up onto the frame.

 And here it is riveted into place. For an example of places I could not reach with the drill, look at the lower edge of the panel, closest to the floor pan. The two black steel tubes that form the X shape kept me from putting rivets at the very front and rear - about the first and last three inches.

Overall, a very satisfying day. It feels good to be unstuck, and putting pieces on the frame always feels like real progress. All the side sub-projects are good, but not as good as actually building the car.

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