Sunday, September 6, 2020

Too hot in the shop today

 I got an early start in the shop today, because temperatures are just stupid - it was 83 degrees when I woke up before sunrise, and aimed at 110 this afternoon. I knew that if I was going to get anything done, I had to do it early, before it actually got dangerous.

So I pulled in the spacers from the paint bench, and I got the front shocks reinstalled.
 More of the spacers were earmarked for the steering rack brackets, so I got the rack bolted to the car as well.
And I even got the steering rods connected to the front knuckles!

Unfortunately, I then discovered that the sway bar from the donor is an aftermarket piece that does not fit in the kit. I have a line on the correct sway bar, so I will get that ordered up this weekend.

By the time I got all that done, it was too hot in the shop, so I had to call it a day and go do other things.


  1. Do you have a photo of what the finished product will be? Very interesting project! I would love to follow your progress. Hi to you and Naomi!

  2. The actual kit car company, Factory Five has lots of great photos on their site. Here's a link to the specific kit I am building: