Monday, September 7, 2020

To the rear!

Well, I am stopped on the front suspension for the moment. I've ordered the correct sway bar and the bushings it needs, but until it gets here, the front of the car is stopped. So I moved to the rear end.

This is a trailing arm off the donor, bolted up to the chassis. It's really very satisfying when I can actually put parts on the car.
 Next up, the toe links, which will allow adjusting the toe angle of the rear wheels. Again, this uses the link from the donor car, and it mounts up with this both with an eccentric head and a matching eccentric washer.

I knew I had saved these eccentric bolts and washers, but they were somewhere in a box of donor parts, so I had to dig through the shed a bit to find them. As a backup plan, I had found them from a local Subaru dealer's parts department, but it turned out that I didn't need to go down that road.
And then the forward lateral links got bolted up. This is the right side of the car, looking forward. Where those three arms come together is where the rear suspension knuckle will live. There are a couple more arms still to add, and of course a coilover on each side.

For now, I have a bunch of spacers and brackets to paint, and I will need to press bearings and hubs into the rear knuckles.

I need to buy the bearings and hubs.

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