Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Continued rear brake massaging

Today, I've been working on the rear brakes more. These are the two sub-brackets that will connect the main brackets to the big Brembo calipers. I've got them bolted together here to make sure that I get all the holes in the same places, and I have been drilling and reaming them to size.
 Tomorrow's project is to spend some more time with the bench grinder so that they will line up with the mounting holes in the calipers themselves. Then I'll bolt the main brackets to the sub-brackets and check to see if there are any new interference points. Of course, there will probably be some, so I'll clear those up, too.
And there are a few places where the brackets are not quite the same shape, so I'll be working to clean all of that up along the way. Then, finally, I'll assemble the whole thing, clean up any new issues I might find, prep, and paint.

This whole sub-project has taken me way, way longer than I thought it would. But I am still making forward progress, so that feels good.

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