Sunday, August 23, 2020

Steering rack and ruin

This here is the driver's side inner tie rod off the donor car. That 30-ish degree bend in it is not supposed to be there. That's the damage that actually made the donor undriveable.

Interestingly, replacing these when the steering rack is on the bench is way, way easier than when it's bolted up to the car. Every video and description I have seen about pulling these out calls for a special tool which amounts to a (very) long reach offset wrench to get at the flats on the inboard end of this assembly. But on the bench, I was able to get at them with a regular Crescent wrench. The hardest part of the whole process was dealing with the rack puking hydraulic fluid all over the bench when I was unstaking the lock washer.

So anyway, I have new inner and outer tie rod ends on order, because they were all pretty munched and why not. And I am going to be building plugs for the ports on the steering box to prevent the depowered rack from spewing more hydraulic fluid. When the car weighs 1800ish pounds, and is light at the nose anyway, power steering isn't needed, so it's going away.

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