Saturday, August 22, 2020

Steering knuckles are on!

Today, I got the steering knuckles installed on the chassis. First, I bolted on this bracket which connects the knuckle itself to the upper front ball joint. I also replaced the lower ball joints, since the one from the donor were thrashed. My torque wrenches got their first outing today, and they worked flawlessly.
 Here's what the installed knuckles look like. At this point, the upper ball joint is not fully torqued up though.
And - momentous occasion! I actually pulled some donor parts out of the shed and put them on the car! These are the axle stubs from the donor front CV axles. Since the kit is RWD only, the entire inboard portion of the CV axle has been removed and discarded.
Axle nut goes here.

This has been a good week for the car. With recognizable suspension bits installed, the frame is looking a little more like a car and a little less like low-grade playground equipment.

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