Sunday, August 9, 2020

Pressing concerns in the front of the car!

Today, I spent some time in my uncle's shop, pressing things apart and then together, to finish the assembly of the front knuckles. I got some work done on this a few weeks ago, pressing the old hubs and bearings out. I also about half-finished pressing in the new bearings, but I just ran out of time and wasn't able to finish the job.

In this pic, I am pressing wheel studs out of a new hub in preparation for pressing in new, extended studs. Once the new studs were in, I was able to press the assembled hubs into the bearings I had previously pressed into the knuckles.
 I didn't get a process shot, but one of the other things I needed to do was to press one size of threaded bushing out of the brake calipers, and press in another. This is because, unlike the rear brakes, I am using an existing bracket to get the big Caddy Brembo calipers mounted up - and they use 12mm bolts rather than 14mm.
So here are the bits I did today - assembled front knuckles and calipers. I also ordered some new ball joints to get the knuckles connected to the lower control arms, because the ones I pulled off the donor were complete rubbish - the boots were both torn, which means that grit is inevitably in them.

For the rest of this weekend, I am hoping to get some good work in on assembling the front suspension on the actual car. I need to get some bracketry assembled on the control arms and start getting things mounted up.

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