Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Nearly the end of the rear brakes saga?

 More work on the rear brake plates today. I started with tweaking the shape of the sub-plate so it would bolt up to the Brembo caliper, as shown to the left. Once I had that done, I also had to work the shape of the main plate a bit so that it would bolt up, allowing clearance everywhere. And there are some spacers that needed shaping, too; they go between the main plates and the sub-plates to center the calipers on the disc.

Here's what it looks like all bolted together! There's a giant brake disc that will be centered in there, of course. the Wilwood caliper for the e-brake will go forward on the car, and the Caddy/Brembo caliper will go aft.

All that's left for these parts is cleaning up and paint. I think from here, I will be working on actually assembling the suspension, front and rear.

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