Monday, August 24, 2020

Depowering the steering rack.

Here's the steering rack off the donor car. The WRX had power steering, so the rack has ports on it for hydraulic lines. The 818 is so light that is doesn't need power steering, so the rack gets depowered as part of the build. The issue here is that these ports could collect dirt and gunk - and also, residual fluid in the rack keeps puking out whenever I turn the thing over or turn the steering shaft. So, to stop that from happening, I am going to make some plugs.
These don't have to hold any pressure, or I would buy the appropriate plugs, What I did instead was to cut short bits off the ends of the original lines, because the rubber seals on the ends of them are what actually keeps the oil in. I cleaned them with degreaser and brake cleaner, together with the threaded fittings that hold them in place.
Then I just taped them up and filled them with J-B Weld. The stuff takes hours to cure fully, so I've got them held in clamps so they won't fall over or roll away. I do think it's slightly amusing that there are four plugs in three different sizes.

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