Saturday, August 22, 2020

Finally, something besides brakes!

 I've been putting in time and effort on the front suspension this week. I finally got the lower shock mounts installed on the lower front control arms, for one thing. Also, the rear bushings for the arms had to be swapped and then retorqued. After that, it was pretty simple to actually get them installed on the frame, as seen here.
 The upper control arms are assemblies. The design allows a lot of adjustment - but of course that means they have to be adjusted. The dimensions shown here are the recommendations for rough alignment at install time - further tweaking will be needed later.

To facilitate measuring to the centers of things, I designed and printed these widgets - it's not apparent from this screengrab, but they have dimples at the centers, and in the case of the dogbone-shaped one, a groove along its length, so I can get a caliper into it. This allowed me to get everything adjusted.
This is the first mockup install, before the adjustments had been made and before the upper ball joint was installed.

And here's both arms on the car. Between them, there will be the steering knuckle, which will hold the hub and the brakes, and also a coilover shock. Those are next steps.

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