Sunday, August 16, 2020

A big week; a big push

 I've got a week off of work, so I am going to try to make some good progress. Of course, I had to schedule my week off on the hottest week of the year.

The brake plates at left are all in their final shape, so today I started prepping them for paint. You can see the dark grey mill scale on the plates, which is just an oxide coating created as a by-product of the manufacture of the steel plates. But it had to be removed before I could paint the parts. I have a wire wheel for my 8" bench grinder, but I had never used it, so I mounted it up and got the bare metal showing on all the parts.
 Then I got the parts set up for painting. After all, these will be under the car and exposed to weather and water, so they need protection from corrosion. I wiped them down with acetone to remove any residual oil and metal dust, and then set off with the primer.
As always, I love it when my hobbies support each other. I printed these little tetrahedral painting standoffs to avoid an issue I have had before, of the paint actually adhering the parts to the work surface.

So the stopping point today was that the first side of these parts is thoroughly primed. Tomorrow I will prime the other side, and perhaps start on the paint. Nothing exciting, just flat black - because that is what I have on hand, and because these will be under the car and behind the wheels and brake rotors, so they will be effectively invisible.

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