Thursday, July 9, 2020

Slow week

 Well, this last weekend was one of those that felt like I did not get much traction, or get much done. It seems like I am at one of those choke points where I am working on little ancillary things, but not making any progress toward actual assembly of the car.
 Above and at right are some brackets related to the front suspension that I have been working on prepping and painting. The ones at right were actually backordered from the kit manufacturer, so I was glad to get them a couple of weeks ago and start cleaning them up.
And here is one of the rear brake-mounting plates I have been working on. My uncle did a ton of development on these, and made me a couple of marked and drilled plates to work on, so I have been cutting these out and getting ready to assemble them. It's slow going, cutting through 3/16" steel with a jigsaw, but it can be done with patience.

So overall, it feels stalled because I am not actually bolting things to the frame, but if I look past my frustration, I can actually see that progress is being made.


  1. From my experience building a plane, there are going to be periods without much in the way of eye candy. My wife kept asking me why I was taking it apart again. Because it wasn't ready. Cut and fit, rinse and repeat. Cutting those brackets and getting them presentable took me two full days and my hands were vibrating from the jig saw for quite a while afterwards. The good news is that I don't have to do that again.


    1. Yeah, I was kind of frustrated by it until I took another look and realized I actually was making progress. Like any big project, it helps me to think of it as a nested series of smaller projects.