Sunday, July 12, 2020

Good day

 Had a good day in the shop today. These are the brake brackets my uncle developed, in the process of being cut out. The big, huge win today is getting the central holes cut, where they will fit around the hub of the rear knuckle.

These were delivered to me as scribed outlines on 3/16" steel plates, so I have been working to cut them out with a jigsaw (note the scraps and shavings on the floor) and then using the bench grinder to get them closer to final dimension. It's a complete, noisy, messy, sweaty pain, especially this week.
If we look at this piece of steel as a "goldfish" shape, the Wilwood emergency brake caliper will mount at the "tail," and the big ol' Brembo/Cadillac service brake caliper will mount to a secondary plate at the head end.

Tomorrow, I hope to get the second plate ground to rough dimension and to cut out the secondary plates for the Brembos. I'm also going to work on pressing out the bearing races from the front knuckles, and installing new bearings and hubs.

Down the road, I need to test-fit the calipers on these brackets to make sure it will all go together. No doubt, there will be additional work needed to make everything fit well. Then, final cleanup, paint and assembly!

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