Monday, July 27, 2020

Fresh ground steel?

Another heavy day on the grinder and the Dremel today. The main rear brake adapter plates are at or near their final shape. The first one was the hard one. I had to check the fit and grind away bits a number of times until the emergency brake caliper would bolt up well. But since the plates are mirror images of each other, one the first one was done, I just bolted them together and ground away all the protruding edges. That cleaned up both plates to near-final shape very quickly.
 And the sub-plates for the Brembo service brakes are half-done. I've adjusted the clearance where they fit near the suspension knuckles (the outside edges in this picture). I need to massage the clearance where they will fit with the Brembo calipers. The right bracket has the locations punched for the mounting holes, so I need to remove metal until the caliper can actually locate on those.

I'm pretty sure I will do the same trick here as I did previously - I'll get one working, then bolt them together so I can remove any excess from both pieces.
Here's the Wilwood e-brake caliper bolted up to the main bracket, just to show what that will look like. The Brembo service brakes, on the sub-bracket, will mount on the other end.

This has been a really good couple of days. I have some better perspective on the project, so I am focusing on the sub-project of the rear brakes right now, and I've been able to get a lot done.

Next, I need to drill bolt holes for the sub-bracket, and get that all in shape for mounting. Once I get these brackets to their final shape, I'll be prepping them for paint and turning back to the front suspension.

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