Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Busy weekend

 I did not get a lot of time in the shop this weekend (weekends for me being defined as Sunday through Tuesday), just because other stuff kept happening. Not, to be clear, bad stuff or catastrophic stuff, but just stuff involved with daily and ongoing life.

But I did get enough time to rough-cut the Brembo adapter plates. You can see them to the left in all of their rough-cut glory!
And here's how they will look in relation to the larger brake adapter plates. I've been thinking of the main plates as "goldfish," so that makes these Brembo adapter plates the googly eyes you see on those decorative goldfish at your dentist's office.

Once all of this is ground to final shape, painted, and fit up to the rear suspension knuckle, the Wilwood parking brake will bolt up at the "tail," and the big ol' Brembo caliper will bolt to the "eyes." Relative to the target mass of the car (818 kg), this should provide a whole bunch of braking.

In the front, I'll be using exactly the same Brembo calipers and the same rotors (from a WRX STi) - but there's an existing solution for that, using a bracket that Subaru people use to add big brakes to their WRXes.

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