Monday, June 22, 2020

The rivets are coming from inside the car!

 The first thing I did today was to get the frame down off the jack stands and onto some wheeled dollies. This will let me move the chassis around, so I can make room to get to one side or the other as needed, and push it out of the way when I am not working on it. It's a lot closer to the eventual finished height on these dollies.
 Not quite there, but I believe the goal for the finished ride height is four to four and a half inches. As my wife pointed out today, this means I am going to have to be very careful around speed bumps, to avoid getting high-centered.
Here's the panel I worked on today. It's in progress here, but I did finish it. I am actually sitting in the car to take this picture, on the passenger side. Not in a seat, unfortunately, but on an upturned milk crate.

The panel rivets in on the inside of the frame here. Got it all marked, drilled, Clecoed, deburred, cleaned, and riveted up. I got a late start because of stuff, but it feels good to get work done on it and to keep the build moving forward and not stalled. I have one more panel for the forward firewall.

After that, the build manual says to work of the front suspension - but there are still some critical parts backordered for that portion of the build. I'll have to decide what to do next.

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  1. I'm thinking more like 5". Can't really do too much with it until you can bolt wheels and tires on it.