Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Pushing more tin

 Had another very satisfying day in the shop today. When I had left off on Sunday, I had 3 out of four pieces of the driver's side firewall ready to rivet in. Today I got the fourth piece all set up, and riveted up the entire driver's side assembly.

The new pneumatic rivet puller makes this so much easier than the manual riveter I was using before. It's almost not fair.
 The passenger side is next. This triangular piece felt like easy mode after all the hooraw with the driver's side. Here's the first fitup, where I just clamp it to the frame and mark where it fits against the tubes.

 Here it is with those markings. I had to do a little more to find places that I would not be able to get at with the drill or the riveter, but no big deal.

Mark, drill, deburr, drill frame, Cleco, deburr, clean, add sealant, Cleco, rivet. At right, the frame is drilled and the panel is Clecoed up.

And here's where I wrapped up for the day. Couple more panels to do on the passenger side, and then I believe it is front suspension next.

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