Sunday, June 14, 2020

Pedal Box Mount Bracket

 Last night after work, I got the last coat of paint on the pedal box mount bracket. It's still not what I would call a good paint job, but I'm going to call it done.
 The basic problem, in addition to my being rubbish with a spraycan, is that it's a weird complex shape, with overhangs and inside corners and tight spots all over it. I'm at the point now where I probably could make it better, but it would require several times the effort - so it's good enough for now.
 Here's where it mounts to the forward firewall. All the pedals and hydraulics mount up here, so this is a pretty strong piece of steel. It's going to spend its life being pushed on, hard, by my feet.
And there we go, all mounted up. It looks not half bad once it's in place. Next, I have to assemble the forward firewall out of several shaped pieces of aluminum. And guess what that means? More pictures of Clecos, coming soon!

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