Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Forward firewall is complete!

 Not a complete ton of progress today, but I did get the final panel of the forward firewall installed. At left, it's all drilled and Clecoed. Below right is an overview of the finished expanse of the nose area of the car. Later on, this space will get filled up with suspension bits, the battery, the radiator, and so on.
The next steps in the book all relate to the front suspension. The kit reuses the front lower control arms from the donor, with an additional bracket added. And of course the bracket is one of the parts that is backordered for by kit. Full thanks to my uncle, who also had these parts backordered, and who reached out to Factory Five to get the parts sent to both of us.

I have a few parts in the front suspension, including those backordered brackets, which are unfinished steel. I've been working on wire-wheeling the ones I have in prep for paint. As they come from F5, they still have what appears to be welding flux on them, plus scorch marks from laser cutting, and so on. Here are some suspension uprights, which will connect the donor steering knuckle to the kit's upper A-arm. The top one is as delivered; the bottom one has been wire-brushed.

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