Friday, May 29, 2020

Man, am I wiped

 Well, the kit arrived today exactly as scheduled. It has to be said - Stewart Transport, the trucking company which delivers these kits (and many others) all over the country, does an amazing job. With the crane rig that is installed in the trailer itself, the driver was able to unload the kit and drop it in my garage in under an hour. We did have a little help, but the whole thing was very, very smooth.
 Here it is as delivered, in my garage. I am incredibly excited to get to building, but today I had other tasks. I drove down to the Valley to help with the delivery of my uncle's kit (also very smooth), and then I came home to inventory all the pieces.

And the inventory came out well! So far as I am able to prove right now, I got one extra shift cable which I don't need, and I am missing one piece of aluminum. I am going to recheck the box which held that aluminum piece, because it's more than likely that I missed it among the forty or so others.
Here's the reverse angle in the garage. Tomorrow, I will take the body panels and attached aluminum off the frame, and get ready to start building the car!

But, today, I am wiped.

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