Sunday, May 31, 2020

Day Two

Last night, after I wrapped up for the day, my uncle texted me to ask if I had Clecos. As I did not, he said he would bring some by. I had been planning to put the aluminum panels onto the frame without using Clecos, but now that I have installed one, I am glad I waited.

The first step is to put the panel up on the frame using clamps, and mark it with a Sharpie where all the frame members are. Then the panel comes off, and all the hole locations get marked, at 3" spacing. Holes get drilled and deburred, and then the panel goes back on the frame with the clamps again.
 Then the holes in the panel are used to drill holes in the frame. Clecoes are temporary fasteners that get inserted into the drilled hole; they clamp the sheet to the frame and also keep the hole located, so the two parts can't drift. This way, even if you drill a hundred holes, you can be sure they will line up again later. At left, about every other hole has a Cleco in it.

Then I took the panel down once more, deburred the holes in the frame, and added a bead of sealant every place the two pieces of metal touch.
Then I just lined it all up, and installed rivets in all the holes. That panel is now permanently installed.

There's another piece of floor to install - you can just barely see an open area of the frame at lower right here. That's the floor that will eventually be under the seats. Once that's in, the frame gets put back upright and on stands, and I start working on the front firewall. That's eight pieces of aluminum that all have to attach to the frame and to each other.

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